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CareerStar International


Our logo reflects the important values we hold dear to us. The logo consists of 8 Chinese characters which stands for ‘people’ (人, Rén) that represents our company's 4 core values: 专业 (Professionalism),引领 (Leadership),高效 (Effectiveness),关怀 (Caring). The center of the logo is a silhouette of a person. In its entirety, CareerStar’s logo illustrates the importance of forging lasting relationships by going beyond the normal scale of service. We go through great lengths to empathize with our clients, and to understand their situation not only as a business partner, but as a companion.


CareerStar started our recruitment journey in 1998. Over the last 20 years, we have served a wide range of clients from F&B, Retail, Facilities Management, IT, Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Tourism & Hospitality. Our consultants have experiences recruiting from blue-collared workers to key appointment holders. 

We pride ourselves as a manpower solution provider, offering our clients the most cost-effective yet professional service in the industry.

At CareerStar, we are committed to providing a holistic approach to facilitate a smooth employment process and effective after sales support services.


To connect people and business to achieve continuous growth.


To be a leading human capital partner in Asia.


Professionalism, Leadership, Effectiveness, Caring

专业 引领 高效 关怀