Team Meeting

Our People

Joyce Zhao - Managing Director

Joyce Zhao is the Founder and Director of both CareerStar International Pte Ltd and Cadence Group Pte Ltd. She graduated with MBA from National University of Singapore in 2000. Her passion lies in addressing the challenges of Human Resource issues and her outlook and opinions are often sought after by many business owners and corporate senior managements. Joyce Zhao has an active career of 20 years of experience offering consultancy in the human resource sector across industries. Her expertise lies in introducing new Human Resource standards, demonstrating the benefits of fundamental change to talent management, and providing leadership by example. Joyce has a master’s in business administration from the National University of Singapore (NUS), she is also a certified registered management consultant (RMC). On rest days and after-work hours, Joyce enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music, and keeping herself healthy by going for jogs.

Shen Hao - Head of Recruitment

As one of the youngest managers in CareerStar, Shen Hao has helmed the position as the Head of Recruitment. Shen Hao has demonstrated himself as an effective leader who is balanced in being task and people oriented. He has also conducted multiple job preparation programs for top universities located in Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, and Vietnam. His expertise in talent acquisition and recruitment has made him an important asset to many major enterprises in Singapore. Prior to joining CareerStar, he has spent two years in assisting in freelance business consulting projects such as business process re-engineering. On rest days and after-work hours, Shen Hao enjoys playing sports and revelling in the camaraderie of live football telecast on weekends.

Jasmine Low Jia Min.jpg
Jasmine Low - Managing Consultant

Jasmine is intrinsically tenacious and conducts her work at the utmost professional level. Jasmine takes a proactive and reactive stance to steady herself against the vagaries of the recruiting industry. This was illustrated by her success in a hundred Malaysian worker placements in Singapore within a span of two months. Her tenacity and professionalism have contributed to CareerStar’s success in attaining the Singapore Quality Class award from Enterprise Singapore. As a seasoned Senior Consultant, Jasmine prides herself with developing lasting friendships with her clients. Jasmine has a master’s degree in International Corporate Finance from the Salford University in Machester. On rest days and after-work hours, Jasmine rejuvenates her spirits by playing basketball, and occasionally indulging in Chinese dramas.

Calvin Chong Chia Chuen.jpg
Calvin Chong - Senior Consultant

Calvin is a seasoned veteran in the field of sales planning and business development. Within two years of his employment with CareerStar, Calvin has risen the ranks rapidly from a Sales Executive to a Senior Consultant. Calvin believes in forging relationships that go beyond business necessities and prioritises customer service as a key component of CareerStar’s interactions. Calvin’s expertise was imperative to CareerStar’s success in attaining the Singapore Quality Class award from Enterprise Singapore. On rest days and after-work hours, Calvin believes that we should balance the rigours of work by treating ourselves to a delectable meal.

Quill Cao Qian.jpg
Quill Cao - Consultant

Quill is a seasoned consultant with years of experiences with international and local recruitment. His serene nature is entrenched on a backbone of confidence derived from experiences and grit accrued from his role. Quill prides himself in thinking critically when faced with adversities. With five years in CareerStar, his colleagues can depend on his experiences to respond to any problems. Quill’s knowledge in the recruiting industry was vital to CareerStar’s success in attaining the Singapore Quality Class award from Enterprise Singapore. On rest days and after-work hours, Quill satiates his interest in history by reading historical records and watching dramatisations of such records. Quill also enjoys collecting trading cards based on popular comics.

Jonathan Chia - Associate Consultant

As a new consultant in CareerStar’s roster of professionals, Jonathan brings a new perspective to looking at the labour market. Equipped with a degree in International Relations, Jonathan can be counted on to critique various propositions and initiatives that the company is willing to establish. With an understanding of political philosophy, social psychology and foreign policy analysis, Jonathan regularly plays the role of a ‘devils advocate’; establishing himself as the critical juncture before ideas can manifest into action. On his rest days and after-work hours, Jonathan enjoys reading, pondering about philosophy, and discussing about socioeconomics.

Ma Lijun.jpg
Jane Ma - Recruitment Executive

Jane is a meticulous and systematic consultant who lets the results of her work speak for itself. Her calm demeanour compounded with her fervent drive for success puts CareerStar’s clients and candidates at ease with full confidence that they could entrust her with the ebb and flow of business. Jane is a seasoned consultant in facilitating the recruitment of valuable candidates from the People’s Republic of China. Her professionalism and grit has contributed to CareerStar’s success in attaining the attaining the Singapore Quality Class award from Enterprise Singapore. On rest days and after-work hours, Jane exercises her faculties by reading, and participating in deduction-based tabletop gaming sessions.

Aaron Lee Boon Ow.jpg
Aaron Lee - Senior Operations Executive

If the consultants are the roots of the company, Aaron would be best described as CareerStar’s branch. Boasting the longest working years with CareerStar, Aaron has acquired vast amounts of knowledge and experience in the company’s operations. As the person who moves out of the office frequently, Aaron approaches his work with a cautious stance to the changes in Singapore’s employment regulations and the possibilities of any disruptions to the company's operations. His professional work ethics have seen the welfare and safety of many foreign and local workers attended to and ensures that operations are carried out smoothly. On his rest days and after-work hours, Aaron enjoys spending time with his family.

Connie Chen Zi Lou.jpg
Connie Chen - Senior Operations Executive

Connie is the youngest star in CareerStar’s line-up of professionals. Her determination and relentlessness form the backbone to which her colleagues can depend on to carry out their work. As an Operations Executive, Connie facilitates the daily operations of the company, from the company’s daily administration to the collection of work passes for successful placements. Connie constantly monitors changes to employment rules and regulations, which allows her to inform her colleagues to prepare for unforeseen problems. Connie’s professionalism has contributed to CareerStar’s success in attaining the Singapore Quality Class award from Enterprise Singapore. On rest days and after-work hours, Connie keeps herself fit by trekking and discovering new places in Singapore.